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Intuitively Advance Your Manufacturing Efficiency
AIM Analytical™ Custom Software

Software systems through AIM Analytical™ line specialize in increasing your overall Return On Investment (ROI) by increasing your productivity and knowledge of your total work environment or individual machines.

With AIM's custom web-based application, AIM Enterprise™, your production data can be visualized from anywhere on the factory floor or in the comfort of your office.  Access to your entire production environment or single machine statistics is only a mouse click away.

Imagine the possibilities:
Tools to improve performance and profitability
Live, real-time web-driven information delivered to any location
The ability to identify production dilemmas swiftly and effortlessly
Put hundreds or thousands of dollars each day back into your bottom-line

The Challenge
Compiling a complete, comprehensive, timely picture of what is going on NOW. Frequently, vital information is spread throughout a mixture of databases, operational systems and enterprise applications that can’t be easily combined. AIM Analytical's™ software lines are solutions that place every piece of the puzzle directly into the hands of the operations personnel. Enabling them to see a complete picture and make decisions that will positively impact the business. AIM System Software Solution

Unlock Productivity with Real-Time Production Data

Amplify efficiency and improve production with custom-built performance measurement and analysis reports. AIM Analytical™ facilitates automatic data collection and analysis. Custom reports are available from a assortment of data sources:
Production Databases
Manufacturing Automation Tools
Document Management Systems
Process Historians
Data Warehouses
Real-Time Views

Get Your Data Live

With AIM software solutions, real-time data from your production floor is streamed live over the internet or your local intranet in a web browser, a mobile device, or your AIM Enterprise™ Portal. The system is ultimately designed for maximum scalability. With AIM software, any number of users can view live data without hampering the network or the back-end operating systems.

Have It Your Way

AIM Analytical's™ software solutions are custom-made to fit your environment.
Integration with Standard Machine Controls
Operator Interfaces for the Enterprise Web-Based Solution
Low-Cost Windows-Based Applications
Easy to Implement
User Friendly

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