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GM, Toyota, DaimlerChrysler, Ford, Nissan - AIM Analytical customers

Who We Are

Automatic Feed Company's product line, AIM Analytical™, is a manufacturing management software that permits manufacturers to compete in today's market. We know that live production data acquisition is a very powerful utility for optimizing a company's control of the production process from raw material to the finished goods. How do we know? We were once in your shoes.

Located in Napoleon, Ohio, AIM Analytical™ emerged when Automatic Feed Company realized that customer demand for production floor software was at an all-time high.  Customers wanted software that could act as a link between operator and machine.  After extensive searching, and not finding software that was cost efficient and still flexible and customizable, we decided to invest our own time and knowledge to create Automation Integration Manager (A.I.M.) ™.

Real-time production data systems software from AIM Analytical, L.L.C.

The Automation Integration Manager had its start as a Human Machine Interface (HMI) that enabled an operator to coexist with the machine in an environment that helped to sustain productivity, and in some cases, greatly increase efficiency.  With the success of the HMI, we then began looking to increase industrial production reporting as a whole.

AIM Enterprise™ is the result.  Combining flexibility and ease-of-use as its core, Enterprise's production monitoring and reporting will allow users to immediately recognize a need for improvement in productivity and efficiency. The AIM Dashboard within Enterprise provides critical at-a-glance production statistics that can be customized to illustrate specific aspects of the plant environment that are most important to you.

AIM Enterprise™

○ Links the shop floor to the office floor.

○ Monitors and controls production.

○ Tracks operation codes, batches and recipes.

○ Provides critical analyses into uptime and downtime issues

○ Manages Maintenance

○ Automatically logs all events and alarms associated with your assets.

○ Operates through industry standard applications like Microsoft Internet Explorer or Mozilla Firefox.

○ Can export data directly into Microsoft Excel and other various applications.

AIM Analytical, L.L.C. manufacturing management software

AIM Enterprise™ is focused on the factory floor, delivering the knowledge vital to operating a productive and profitable organization. Our services include software development, integration with ERP/MRP and other shop floor systems and support for or upgrading from Wonderware, Fanuc, RS Studio, USData, Ioncis, Intellution, CITect, National Intruments, Nematron, Taylor, Steeple-chase, DasyLab and other HMI/SCADA systems that are no longer supported or in existence.

AIM Analytical
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