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Amplify Your ROI by Increasing Productivity

AIM Enterprise's web-based process solution integrates business processes with production floor tools. AIM’s efficiency-boosting software increases visibility, streamlines the production, and provides management with a real-time look into their production environment. How?

Real-time production information
○ OEE, Uptime, Downtime, Through-put, etc.

Delivered directly to any PC
○ Any time
○ Any where


The AIM Dashboard

Allows multiple authenticated users from more than one location to view what is occurring on the plant floor as it happens.

Eliminates the need to install any additional software on your PCs.
Displays information in a format that can be easily viewed and quickly evaluate

The Power of AIM Enterprise™
Executives and managers alike can quickly analyze real-time data from multiple facilities, individual plants, or even a single isolated machine. AIM’s sophisticated production reporting and trending capabilities allow you to assess where changes are needed to improve efficiency throughout your production process. Optional modules, such as the Die Maintenance Module, allow customization of the AIM software suites for each and every plant environment. Standard Packages

Customized Reporting

The AIM Enterprise™ suite provides powerful utilities that not only enable users to collect, process, and visualize production data, but also directly control and improve the production process.

Increase Up-Time

Diagnostic tools that enable prompt identification and analysis of equipment problems
Recipe storage to simplify production changeovers
Production analysis
- Real-time activity reports
- Production history
- Downtime investigation

Improve Communication

Comprehensive visual overviews of your entire production system

Current and Historical
Can be viewed by multiple users in any location

Custom Tailored Reports
Real-time Status Reports
Production History Reports
Downtime/Uptime Reports
Shift or Part Performance Reports
And many more

Retain Reliability

Machine controls that include diagnostic and repair capabilities all in one function
Device locator which visualizes internal workings of machinery using
- digital photos to identify parts and their location
- graphics or keyword searchability
- a point-and-click interface that enables use by non-engineers
Online maintenance manuals and drawings for speedy multi-user access

AIM Enterprise™ allows you to fully access the production process, proactively address issues, and communicate with anyone, anywhere.

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