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GM, Toyota, DaimlerChrysler, Ford, Nissan - AIM Analytical customers

Improve Manufacturing Performance Intelligently

The AIM Analytical™ line provides factory automation systems software that allows an establishment to:

Deliver Effective Asset Management
Increase Plant-floor Visibility
Maximize Productivity and Efficiency
Reduce Operating Costs and Maintenance

This is achieved through a scalable control and monitoring solution, which will increase profitability and uptime while helping to improve product quality through real-time data monitoring.  AIM software solutions can monitor single machines, integrated production lines, as well as plant-wide operations.

AIM System Scalability

Success in Manufacturing

High Yield Production
Competition in the now global economy is at an all time high requiring manufacturers to run their plants and machines at the highest efficiency possible in order to be most profitable. AIM Analytical's software solution systems help you do just that.
AIM Basic™ includes features such as: Equipment Operation, Production Monitoring, and Maintenance Support.

Ramp Up Efficiency

Overall, industry production reports from numerous sources estimate that manufacturing plants can waste up to 40% of their capacity through stops and interruptions. It is not uncommon for any industrial manufacturer to estimate that a 0.5-1% improvement in hourly productivity will put hundreds if not thousands of dollars per day back into the bottom line, showing a return in months rather than years.

AIM’s software solutions have been modeled to assist manufacturers in solving the complex, critically objective problems related with production.  Making better decisions with real-time data analysis of portions or all of your plant’s environment will help you achieve maximum efficiency.

Here is how AIM can help you achieve utmost efficiency.

Increase Operator Efficiency:
AIM provides operators easy access to the information they need to run and monitor the production line in a user-friendly format
Gather an Accurate History:
All faults, Operations, and Sequences for later analysis
Access Internal Documentation:
All equipment-related Prints, Manuals, and Troubleshooting Guides
Perform Root Cause Analysis:
Various charts and gauges to find the sources of downtime
Production Monitoring

- Accurate, real-time production reporting
- Bridges the gap between the production floor and IT Department
- Delivers real-time production information to decision makers

Reduce Equipment Downtime
Custom Reporting

Automation Integration Manager Solutions

There are two main solutions that AIM Analytical™ has to offer.

AIM Enterprise™ web-based software:
1. Allows anyone from the plant floor to the CEO’s office to view what’s happening anywhere at anytime on any machine.
2. Totally eliminates the need to install additional software on individual computers.
3. Displays information in a format that can be easily viewed and quickly analyzed.
4. Provides alarms of every machine in any plant.

HMI (Human Machine Interface):
1. Real-time equipment status and productivity levels.
2. Maintenance information, including online prints and manuals and operation history.
3. Device locator that identifies any component with a digital photo so viewers can see where problems are located first hand.

Don't see exactly what you need? Not a problem! AIM Analytical™ provides a multitude of customizable applications to meet anyones needs. For more information feel free to contact Lorrie Jennings.

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