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Improve ROI Through Better Productivity

AIM Analytical’s™ HMI software is designed for integration with industrial production equipment in every plant environment.  Our Human-Machine Interface serves as a direct link to your production equipment and devices.  It provides operators, managers, and maintenance personnel the capability to limit time down, leading to an overall increase in production.

Maintenance Features

Equipment Status and Productivity Levels

Maintenance Information
○ Online Prints and Manuals
○ Operation History
○ Button Logging
○ Alarm Logging

Device Locator
○ Identifies any component with a digital photo designating its location on the machine.

Real Time Data

Increase Operator Efficiency

The HMI software provides operators easy access to the information they need to run and monitor the production line in a user-friendly format. The HMI comes complete with tool-tips and an online help manual that outlines the systems functionality and features.

Decrease Machine Downtime

Gather an Accurate History of All Production Data
○ faults
○ prompts
○ buttons
○ operations
○ sequences

Access Internal Documentation
○ manuals
○ equipment-related prints
○ troubleshooting guides

Perform Root-Cause Analysis
○ using various charts and gauges
○ find the sources of downtime

Production Monitoring

AIM gathers all the data truly necessary for accurate, real-time production reporting. AIM bridges the gap between the production floor and information technology, delivering real time production information to decision makers.

Custom Design to Meet Your Needs

Automatic Feed Company's AIM Analytical™ product line has developed an economical Windows-based software package that integrates with standard machine controls to provide you an ideal system that won’t bust your budget. There is no need to alter your equipment programs – our software conforms to you.


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