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GM, Toyota, DaimlerChrysler, Ford, Nissan - AIM Analytical customers

Programming Interface Capabilities & Certifications

Automatic Feed Company has developed the AIM Ankytical™ workflow automation software system from a modest base. We have used a cost-effective Windows-based application that integrates with standard machine controls. Our customizable software offers you an ideal system to provide real-time production data that can be viewed anytime and anywhere from the plant floor to the corporate office

Programming Platforms Programming
Visual Studio.NET
Visual Basic 6
Database Platforms Databases
Microsoft SQL Server
Microsoft Access
Microsoft Excel  
many other ODBC compliant databases  
Reporting Platforms Reporting
Crystal Reports
Microsoft Excel
Microsoft Access
SQL Server Reporting Services  
Machine Controls & Tools  
OPC – ODBC for Machine Controls
PLC – 1,000’s of controllers and integrations (AB, Toyopuc, Mitsubishi, Modicon, and many, many more)
Proprietary Controllers
Custom Human Machine Interface (HMI)
Production Data Collection and Reporting
Production Inventory Handoff (ERP/MES Interface)
Internal Corporate Intranet
Automated Storage and Retrieval System
Labor Tracking Applications  
Other Mentionable Items & Certifications  
Customer Service Awards
In-plant Installations
ISO 9001 Registered (Quality Management System)
Ford Q-1 Award
Member of AMT  


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